"Gilde brings an admirable balance of naivete and eventual rebellion to the assistant. In the early moments, he worships Rothko, but he eventually sees through the older man's pretension. The audience is ready to cheer when he stands up and challenges the master. Gilde is that rare young actor who can suggest sensitivity and rebellion at almost the same moment. His career has great promise."

-Hampton Roads


"[An] electrifying production . . . buoyed by brilliant performances."


"As Ken, Rothko’s young assistant Mr. Gilde is a commanding and gifted actor in his own right, and serves as more than an equal match for his talented co-star. He brilliantly balances Ken’s professional naïveté with the world weary street smarts that he has developed in his young troubled life. The two gentlemen together are a powder keg of breathless emotion."

-Alt Daily