"The production's success also draws from its two leads, who have the looks and presence of movie stars."


"Eric Gilde, who last appeared in the "Last Train to Nibroc," plays a great heartthrob. With fine brown hair that falls slightly over his face and an openness that is likely to effect a bit of a fantasy in any female audience member, his Charlie is the ideal husband: good with his hands and his horses, and loyal to country and fellow man."

-Ithaca times


"A buoyant performance by Eric Gilde."


"Gilde, all coltish and earnest as the play starts, gains depth as he faces the antithesis of his youthful dreams of glory,most poignantly as he kills for the first time. Yet he never entirely sheds his improbable gallantry, maintaining a heartbreaking gentleness as the play darkens."

-Tompkins Weekly


"Both actors manage the shifts of time and place with complete conviction, and their changing emotional landscape even better."

-The Lansing Star