"Eric Gilde and Anne Letscher (Ithaca College '03) are fascinating in their roles, compellingly authentic every moment."

-Ithaca Journal
"Gilde and Letscher make theatrical magic from such freshness and simplicity."
-Ithaca Journal
"Last Train brims with the kind of intense emotion only live theater can deliver.  Anne Letscher and Eric Gilde are so skilled at wringing every ounce of nuance from the text that you know you couldn’t bear this show with a second-rate cast."
-Syracuse New Times
"As Raleigh, Eric Gilde turns in a charming, well-balanced performance, embodying the tow-headed innocent with a genuine warmth. He's essentially at a loose end with a vague dream of going to New York, of becoming a writer. But there's little hunger in him, he's too affable, unassuming, even gentlemanly in that Southern way. But he changes over the next year, swinging between lackadaisical disinterest and an agonizing self loathing, forced to take care of his aged parents, struggling with the fact he's the only man left behind, all the rest gone off to war."
-Ithaca Times
"A two-hander romance lives and dies with the actors, and the Kitchen has cast a wondrous pair.  Eric Gilde, lightly smirking, inquisitive and playful, presents at first a man sure of his charms, but still unassumingly friendly.  Underneath are layers of self-disgust, bitterness and pride that he gradually has to bare in his pursuit of May."
"Catch this train before it leaves the station, or you'll live to regret missing it"
-Tompkins Weekly
"The Kitchen Theatre’s production of Last Train to Nibroc is a regional premier of the performance and the acting could not be any better."
"The Kitchen Theatre features a wealth of interesting shows throughout the year, none more valuable than the current Main Stage performance, Last Train to Nibroc."
-Cornell Sun