"[This] superb production of Tennessee Williams's classic memory play reminded Thursday's preview audience of what good theatre has the power to do."


"In lesser hands, all of this angst could have proven tough sledding. The talented cast, however, directed by Kristen Coury, never struck a false note. As Tom, Eric Gilde easily stepped in and out of the story to give us "truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion." One could sense that Tom, who hates his life and escapes nightly to the movies or goodness knows where, was about ready to bust."

-Manchester Journal


"[T]his production is fastidious about reeling in potential excesses. The result is a refined set of performances. . . .The strong acting and intelligent directing in Weston's production honor Williams' poignant, somewhat autobiographical story."

-Seven Days


"Eric Gilde’s Tom seems straightforward enough — he wants to leave — but Gilde’s performance subtly reveals Tom’s emotional dependence on his mother and his deep connection to his sister."

-Rutland Reader


"Achingly exquisite . . . Gilde imparts the long passages with splashes of color and shaded nuance."


"The new Weston Playhouse production reminds us why it was a sensation 70 years ago, and why it remains one of the best American plays of the last century"

-Chester Telegraph


“Eric Gilde’s masterfully subtle, withdrawn to the point of stillness performance breathes incandescent life into Williams’ lyrical descriptions of the life where a tyrannical abandoned mother and two children fight for a freedom that never comes.”

-Naples Daily News


"Tom who narrates the story as he remembers his mother and sister was fully realized in Eric Glide’s depiction of him"

-More Theater Talk