"An endearing chemistry emanates from this group of men and women. The genderless love shared among the characters is a thing of reality for this cast, even if it is a different sort of romance. Call it the romance of art, or maybe the romantic pleasure of being an emerging theater company, small but vibrant, in a bright big city."


"The directors have kindled a glad fire in the heart of each of their players. If all the world is a stage, this is a happy corner of it."



"It’s a new company but it’s not amateur hour. They are all masters of their craft. I’ve always been too consumed with fear to chase the things that really matter me. When I see an acting troupe like this, I can’t help but wonder what’s burning inside them that makes them persevere, despite the long odds. They’re hot."

-Exile on Pain St.


"Yes I’m gushing – but the whole cast brings alive the beauty of Shakespeare’s words with clarity and passion, and their inclusion of music and song within the performance keeps the audience propelled throughout with their talent."

-Mom Thingz